The Team

Ibrahim Inaz
Ahmed Samah
Ahmed Sarim
Executive Director
Hussain Waheed
Executive Director

About Jobsicle

Jobsicle™ is a Maldivian startup founded in 2016 by Ahmed Samah. Within weeks of initial launch, Jobsicle gained tremendous support and popularity among hundreds of companies and institutions in Maldives. Meanwhile, thousands of job-seekers from across the country started using the website daily. The easy user interface and innovative features of the website and mobile application attracted jobseekers and made Jobsicle stay ahead of the game. In 2017 Jobsicle started expanding it's services and features. Started as a free job listing website, Jobsicle adapted the subscription model in mid-2018 and additional “pay per job” service in January 2019. The entire website and mobile application was remodeled and new innovative features were introduced in January 2019. In November 2018, Ibrahim Inaz, a pioneer in the Maldivian hospitality HR sector joined Jobsicle as CEO with a broad vision and years of professional experience in the industry. Today Jobsicle is managed by a dedicated team focused on business development, public relations, and innovative technological advancements. With a positive spirit and refusing to give up by defeating the odds, Jobsicle stands strong as the most reliable and loved career brand in Maldives.


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